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1999-06 Ford F-Series Transfer Case Motor Removal/Installation

Posted on 23 October 2013 by admin

Download 1999-06 Ford F-Series Transfer Case Motor Removal/Installation – Removal Instructions STEP 1: This Ford type Transfer Case motor is shipped with a plastic alignment insert which has positioned the unit into the transfer case 4WD High position. Place the transfer case into the 4WD High position, before removal of the transfer case motor. If the transfer case is unable to be shifted into the 4WD High position beforehand, please use the procedure outlined in the installation section below. STEP 2: Raise vehicle on a lift or jack stands making sure the vehicle is properly and safely supported. STEP 3: Remove transfer case shield if vehicle is equipped with one. STEP 4: If motor cannot be accessed because of front driveshaft – remove the driveshaft following the procedure in the shop manual. Check the universal joints at this time and replace if faulty. STEP 5: If motor still cannot be removed due to interference with the yoke – remove the yoke by removing the nut holding the yoke to the transfer case. Pay attention to the position of any washers. Remove the yoke being careful not to damage the seal. Inspect the seal and replace if necessary. STEP 6: Disconnect the shift motor electrical connector(s) by lifting up the plastic retaining tab and pulling apart. Be careful not to break off the plastic connecting tabs. STEP 7: Remove the three or four bolts that attach the motor to the transfer case. STEP 8: Remove the transfer case motor from the transfer case. Installation Instructions STEP 1: Clean mounting surface on the transfer case making sure that there is no gasket material or residue left from the motor removal.

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