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2003 Hyundai TIBURON – Transmission Speed Sensor A/T Controls – MIL ON/Harsh Gear Engagement/DTC's Set

Posted on 17 December 2013 by admin

1. Using a Pro, check for DTCS in both the “Engine” and “Automatic Transaxle” menus. Record the DTC and description.
2. From the Pro, select:
-Hyundai Diagnosis” menu
-Auto Transaxle” menu
-Current Data”
-Input speed sensor” and “Output speed sensor”. While driving the vehicle, if both input and output speed sensors show:
>Continuous output, go to Step 6 (N OTE: This test indicates the harness does not currently have an open or short circuit)
>No output or intermittent output, go to Step 3
3. Check the Wiring harness Visually for any damage.

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