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Door Locks, Trunk Lid & Fuel Door – Power '00 Lexus RX 300

Posted on 21 December 2013 by admin

Download Door Locks, Trunk Lid & Fuel Door – Power ’00 Lexus RX 300 – OPERATION POWER DOOR LOCKS Door Key Switch (Door Key Lock & Unlock Switch) This switch is part of door key cylinder. When lock cylinder is turned to LOCK or UNLOCK position, contacts inside this switch close. Door Lock Control Switch All doors can be locked and unlocked using control switch on driver’s side or passenger’s side. Door Lock Motors Each door contains a door lock motor (an electric actuator) that locks and unlocks door. Door lock motor assembly contains a door unlock detection switch and a door open detection switch. Door Unlock Detection Switch This switch is part of door lock motor assembly. When door is unlocked, switch is closed. When door is locked, switch is open. Key Unlock Warning Switch This switch is part of ignition switch. When key is in ignition, switch is closed. If system senses that switch is closed, it prevents door locks from being operated if driver’s door is open (key confinement prevention system). Front & Rear Door ECUs Front and rear door ECUs supply power to door lock motors based on inputs from various switches.

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