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1999 Ford Expedition Suspension Ride Height Adjustments GENERAL PROCEDURES

Posted on 23 November 2011 by admin

Download Inflation and Deflation of the Air Suspension System WARNING: Do not remove an air spring under any circumstances when there is pressure in the air spring. Do not remove any components supporting an air spring without either exhausting the air or providing support for the air spring to prevent vehicle damage or personal injury. WARNING: Disconnecting an air line that is connected to the air compressor can cause personal injury or damage to components as high pressure air is vented uncontrolled. 1. Turn the air suspension switch on. 2. Turn the ignition switch to the RUN position. 3. Connect NGS Tester to the data link connector (DLC). 4. Select Air Suspension Control Module under Active Command Mode: ? VENT FRNT to deflate the front down. ? LIFT FRNT to inflate the front up. ? VENT REAR to deflate the rear down. ? LIFT REAR to inflate the rear up. Calibration Front Ride Height Resetting — Clear B2140 DTC 1. Turn the ignition key OFF and turn it back to RUN; exit the vehicle, close all doors and allow the system to vent the vehicle down to kneel height (approximately 30 seconds).

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